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ReValver is nothing but a state of the art virtual guitar amp modeling software
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ReValver is nothing but a state of the art virtual guitar amplifier modeling software with which you can choose infinite combinations of classic amps, preamps, power amps, and effects to create your own signature tone.

ReValver MK III is the software which models the 15 most popular guitar amplifiers. This is achieved through an algorithm which analyses the interactions of the components on the circuit level. The component level control of the amplifier models helps the ReValver software to model every nuance with accuracy. Stomp-box and effects section of this software includes various types of chorus, distortion, compression, limiter etc. Over driver stomp box is using 3 stages of distortion. Chorus CS-1 is a stereo chorus with adjustable speed and modulation depth, stereo width, feedback, delay and 3 individually adjustable filter bands on the wet signal. These are just some examples of a set of robust stomp boxes. ReValver also boasts 7 Utility functions including tuners, analyzer, splitters, and many more. You can make a personalized custom tone with its 12 preamplifier models, 9 power amplifier models, 150 speaker simulations, and 20 microphone configurations by mix and match. ReValver provides MIDI mapping of parameters for live controllers and recording automation. The FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) based convolution reverb allows for very complex and smooth reverbs. The GUI looks are good but feels a little cluttered.

The software gives a good quality sound for your signature tone with its effects and other technologies.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Complete and customizable amplifier modeling, Can be used as stand alone and plug-in


  • GUI seems to be cluttered with too many parameters
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